Rite-Choice Market

Old-fashioned charm with modern conveniences and amenitites

Treat yourself and your family to fresh, affordable food and fresh produce from a local market with your needs in mind. Welcome to Rite-Choice Market. We're proud to serve communities throughout Crofton, Kentucky. We're firmly committed to building relationships and fostering a sense of community while offering top-quality selections, friendly service, and budget-pleasing prices.

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Who we are

We're a local, family owned market that is fully invested in the communities we serve in this part of Kentucky. In fact, it's our interest in serving these neighborhoods that inspired us to start our business in the first place. We felt the people of Crofton needed and deserved a convenient, local market. All we ask in return is that you tell your friends about us after you stop by and see for yourself what we have to offer.

Picking Meats

What we offer

We're your local source for just about everything you'll need to prepare healthy meals or enjoy tasty seasonal treats. With a focus on quality, we offer local goods that include a variety of cheeses, frozen foods, household staples, and a wide selection of deli favorites. We also create meaningful relationships with vendors who share our commitment to quality to ensure that we're offering fresh, appetizing choices.

Chicken Wings

Your One Stop Market

Anything you may need for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, special event, family gathering, or office party is right here at Rite-Choice. In the mood for chicken wings for a Friday night? Need some fresh supplies for a weekend barbecue or cookout? Is it time to stock up on hot pockets for a quick snack for the kids? Whatever it is that happens to be on your grocery list, odds are good you'll find it at Rite-Choice.

The Rite-Choice Difference

There was a time when a local, neighborhood market was the heart of the community. Our mission is to serve that role today by offering old-fashioned charm with modern conveniences and amenities.

The Rite-Choice Difference Also Includes:

  • Nutritious foods sourced locally when possible
  • Attentive service
  • Fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Courteous staff more than willing to offer advice & answer your questions

See for yourself why Rite-Choice Market is the right choice for fresh, affordable food.

You're sure to appreciate our friendly staff and large selection. We invite you to make the most of your food dollars and come in and check out what we have to offer.