Products: What You’ll find at Rite-Choice

A variety of foods to satisfy that craving or plan the perfect meal

Stock up on fresh, seasonal produce or find the answer to "what's for dinner tonight?" at Rite-Choice Market. We proudly offer a wide selection of foods that include just about anything you may need to satisfy your appetite, have your family asking for seconds, or make a favorite dessert treat. With fruits and vegetables alone, we offer a selection that's sure to leave you wanting something fresh and delicious.

Our meats are just as fresh and appealing if you're looking for something to put on the grill, roast in the oven, or slow cook all day. And our deli department is definitely the place to be if you want perfectly sliced sandwich meats, tasty cheeses, mouthwatering side treats to enhance your meals, or an assortment of deli staples to put together an irresistible party platter for office lunches, the weekend game, or a special event.

Crave something fresh from the sea? We have an equally impressive choice of fish. You can also cross "frozen foods" and "heat-it-and-eat-it snacks" off your grocery list as you make your way through our aisles. Take a moment to discover what you can expect to find when you visit our local market in Crofton, KY.

Fish Fillet